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Taken from the album Make the Music 2000 by Rahzel
Album:Make the Music 2000
Track:All I Know
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:And now Ladies and Gentlemen in your right corner
Weighing in at an even 215 pounds

Residing from the South Bronx
Maintaning 39 wins 40 knockouts and no losses
the undisputed beatbox champion of the world!!

Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X

All I know
That's a bad motherfucker
All I know
He's about to drop
some shit now
All I know

When I first came out many
couldn't catch my name
Now worldwide, feel the affects, scratch my name
Rahzel, now
rewind that, (Gargling) slow it down, you'll find that
the way I design that, and reverb
behind that, not in my contract
I'm bustin all over this bitch, while your girl cums

Down with the Two-One-Fifth, Illadelph, Dy-Nast'
R-double-O-T-S, no need to remind us

You're far behind us, tryin to high beam, blind us
Catching shinas from a nickle
plated niner (Gun sounds)
Blastin' holes in your designers
This is for you
cause my persona's like pirhannas
I got you second guessin and sweatin
like saunas
If you learned from the second lesson, no question you want it
your facial expressions from minutes to seconds to longer
God damn it feel good to see
people up on it


Who's the man, Rahzel's the
+Man+, so yo, pass the +Method+
1200 styles, crush your crew without no effort
me flip my, vocabulary, vocal acrobatics
Smack up phone dramatics, I can jam like automatics

Nine millimeter, twelve rounds, one in the chamber
Russian Roulette, you can bet,
there is DAN-JUR
Number five in the Billboard, with the bullet
One million, in my
pile, you know the style, let me pull it
cause I'm about to blast ya, take the mic, then
harrass ya
Switch up speeds, without the weed, then I'll pass ya

Nineteen-ninety-nine, octane, because I gassed ya
Watch me George Jet, on-you-son, like I'm
God damn, like to ?? compare on blaster ??
(shadowboxing sounds) It's the sound
affect master
"And I'll destroy anyone, who dares go against me"


I got your mouth wide open, just like the Grand Canyon
Trugoy, to this rap game, I got game
Call me Denzel, with the rap name, I got aim

"He's on FIRE!!" like a coal in a hot flame
plus my Posdonuses, produces, your prognosis

Kids doin the chronic from coast to coast kid
Death, what the doctor ordered, so say,
Take you +Three Feet High and Risin+, like De La
C'est la vie, I'm yo' super
Got the S on my chest for you to buy my LP
Check the outlets for cassettes and CD

Sam Goody, Blockbustin' up your H M V
Nigga please, ask yo mamma for some cheese

Tell her need some restitution like them Vietnamese
in Vietnam, cause Rahzel drops
the bomb
More complex than texts, in your Holy Qu'ran

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