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Artist:Rah Digga
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Chorus: Rah Digga

Flipmode the Imperial
You know you love it when you hear us on the
Go cop the joint and play the shit up in your stereo
or in the streets up in your
Jeeps or in the disco
And if you want the fly shit, my nigga here we go
You know it's Digga
lookin pretty in the video
With Bus-a-Bus up in the cut but you don't hear me though
when you think we done we hit y'all we got plenty mo'

(Rah Digga)
It be's the
little mama, lip gloss and eyeliner
The only shit poppin like White Castle or the Donna
Digga make the joints that the DJs blast
Ghetto diva in the Source with the 3 page ad
as the hood rat messiah climb swiftly
Labels scarred to death to let their artist bomb with
Cause you can send your thuggest MC and watch me son 'em
The ruggedest bitch, don't even
rhyme about gunnin
Got joints circulating like them old karate flicks
Buncha Rah Digga
shirts on some big body chicks
Throw my shit in your hoopty or your luxury trucks
And make
the quickest turn around like 'dro for 20 bucks
And I'll still be the greatest if this rap shit
fail me
Back to jackin bootleg flicks from out the deli
Livin off the interest
Sippin on
Tequila with my logo on the side of fuckin 18 wheelers


Ay yo yo yo
Raze and dazzle niggas like ya'll
Spread niggas like you and
dismantle niggas like y'all
I got the thing that'll majorly handle niggas like y'all
y'all, bust a semi and cancel niggas like y'all
I know some joke niggas who love to hassle
niggas like y'all
Talk, and fix and simply dance on niggas like y'all
Trample niggas like
Make examples outta niggas like y'all
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