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Artist:Rah Digga
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Track:Untitled (1)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yo Yo Yo Yo

Now tell everybody how you came up
with your name
What was it like try'na get up in the game
Dirty Harriet's the name saying
anything goes
Acting like you never seen a tomboy in dress clothes
Like you run around
splurging, deepen the excursion
TV people pissed cause I spit the dirty version
Now tell
everybody what be going through your mind
Up on the stage when you bout to bust a
Seein' people on my left, seein' people on my right
Every now and them you come across
a fucked up mic
Make sure they got water stay steady with the light
And I rock it so tight,
make the bitches start a fight
Now tell everybody bout niggas in your camp
How we be
rolling, when we work and we lam
Got Rock Sham Bus Ramp Spliff me six
And another set of
caps double that in the Bricks
Some smoke, some drink, some battle just for kicks
give your ass a Duffy just for try'na take flicks
Now tell everybody what be going through your
Celeb chick up in the rap game
Smoke a rogie in a store getting tipsy on a
Take a whole lot of money
Fuck around and ride the train
Say my voice too maley,
can't understand me
No album out superbitch won a Grammy

All the
ladies in the place clap your hands
All the fellas in the house clap your hands
Everybody (Everybody)
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