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Artist:Rah Digga
Taken from the album Dirty Harriet by Rah Digga
Album:Dirty Harriet
Track:What They Call Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:verse 1]
For starters peace to all the marters and all the pioneers
Cheers! Here's
to a new breed of broad
Yeah we like it raw
Comin' to the floor I'll be ???? like
Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
Nope honey's from the ??? y'all
familiar with the name
I'll be worse than any alien predator or ????
Witch from the
East tell 'em how to spell it...

The R... the A... the H
D... the I... the G... the G... the A... x4

[verse 2]
I'm prime time, you're
on local or cable
I'll battle you on your dick and then watse the label
Hit you with
heat sweeter than vanilla candy
Flip it type wicked like cinderella family
what) For tryin' to step to a Rah situation
Less rhymin' years, less formal education

Gettin' less Benz' than a BBS
Less hype in the street. an' you writin' even less

You ain't fresh... MCs goin' crazy
Nah, you ain't fresh, y'all can never out-blaze me

Less know how, more ho' now
Stay up out of grown folks biz, before I show you
Yappin' all day about who proved it best
Take a few deep breaths, puff
the budda cest
Continue to bless any track that come this way
Nine nigga nine nigga,
on that ????


[verse 3]
Peace to my peeps, from Jers'
to Manhattan
Bitches on the freeway chit chattin in pig latin
Heads and ??? now, all
this road war
Waitin' in the bay for some niggas to roll on
The kinda heads take the
ghetto approach
???? out the opposition or strangle the coach
Flashin' marijuana in
my Dolce & Gabana
?????????????????, if they don't have no manners
Soon to be called
the dopest MC my little junior
Playin the game and being a coach like Tuna
Mad, when
I say go, B-Girl original
Want more than Chocolaté
Where the chicks at? Hoes might
But most chicks happy I can rock without takin' off my clothes
And all the
niggas say "(beep) this bitch is (beep)...
Ain't heard a broad rip like that since MC Lyte"

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