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Artist:Rag Bag
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Album:Compound Eyes
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:He said "Give me a dingle sometime before school starts, we can talk, have
some tea, maybe get
together, come visit me, stay for dinner.. or something"
She said "Yeah OK Sure"

said "I think the search is over"
She said "Oh yeah that's cool"

She said "Virgins
united in flesh"
He said "Yeah OK Sure"

He said "Did you mean it when you said that
you would love me forever?"
She said "Yeah OK Sure"

He said "Give me a call when you
get over your cold"
She said "Yeah OK Sure"

He said see you later.
She said
yeah, OK, sure.

This I've come to realise although it does me no service
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