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Artist:Rag Bag
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Album:Compound Eyes
Track:Long Player Live Version
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Recorded at the Parkdale Hotel 10-September-1993 with Sweet Daddy Siki
assisting with the

(Spoken) Now we're gonna go on with the next one if we can manage it.
five one two three...

(various non-lyrical sounds and instrumental

Let's take a look at the band here...
Right first honking out his own brand
of nihilistic surf music,
Mississauga's own Sean Lennon look-alike, the mysterious, the
Comrade X.

We are blessed tonight to be able to witness intercourse between
a young
man and his first love. Chris Woodill and his asp tongue on the trumpet.

demure sky goddess Carlile on the woodwinds.

Vocals by the able throated Danielle
Stilwell and Anita Gulati. Check it
out Danny Girl!

And in the back, beating out no
shit on the skins, the hottest chicks with
sticks in the entire west end, Peggy Thrasher
Baycroft and Pearl
Headbanger Anderson.

And Captain Soul himself, the headliner at
the Hotel this month, the big
bad motherfucker Sweet Daddy Siki. Sweet!

Thanks for
coming out kids!

Thickets, fields,
And all else that is,
once the gate of Fuwa --
The autumn wind blows. (Basho
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