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Artist:Rafferty Gerry
Taken from the album Can I Have My Money Back by Rafferty Gerry
Album:Can I Have My Money Back
Track:To Each And Everyone
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:To each and everyone of you
I say goodbye, farewell, of you
To each and all I say
I know it's been fun but we're living a lie

You said you spoke straight from
the heart
But that was the one thing that kept us apart
'Cause when I read between the
I saw that the only heart speaking was mine

To each and everyone of you
say goodbye, indeed I do
If you should ask me why I go
I wouldn't say 'cause you should

When everything is said and done
Nothing's been lost and nothing's been
I took from you, you took from me
But I suppose that's how it had to be
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