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Artist:R KELLY (f/ Baby, Busta Rhymes)
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Track:Thoia Thoing (Remix)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[R Kelly]
Yo, I know everybody out there wanna know what the hell does this mean
I don't
know my damn self
Now what the hell thoia thoing means
It can mean anything you want it to
mean Any thing you say it means that what it is if you say sex then probably Some say
it mean
pushin the Lex then probably this one white chick said gettin real Smokey and feelin free this black
chick said
sippin Hennessey in V.I.P
Well well you can say what you want that's what it
All I know is that the thoia thoing man its the shit
Afros corn rolls hair weaves you
gotta love it white black brown even Japanese you gotta love it
And you know somebody out there
going man I like da beat da hook is real tight but im keep it real dogg it puzzles me
No rules
in the music industry yall know if it feel good and make you move your feet yall know if the bass is
bumpin in
your jeep yall know then its the piper and im coming with the heat thoia thoing make
you wanna club pop make you wanna drop
top make you get like Beyonce and do the booty hop thoia
thoing inspired by juice and hypnotic its like a virus and the
whole world got

I had her singing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
thoia thoia thoia thoing
She had me singing
Thoia thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
thoia thoia thoia thoing [x2]

See its Baby and Kelly come relax with us shortie
When we drop its platiuim plus shortie
Whoa you see da rocks with the
rays mess-up your eyes
like a blunt of dat hays
Knee high boots right wheel side coop
Custom made seats with the
fall back roof (??) with steeleto shoes
Iced up Jacob watch march Jacob boots
Minis On the
jetta boss Just to take a trip
G-4 we in da clouds now we making this
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