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Artist:Quiet Cause
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Track:As yet unnamed
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:As yet unnamed


{verse 1}

A pirate on the blue sea
my crew and my monkey
Need a drink and a girl real bad
Wanna see some fuckin

Let me out this wooden junkey
Shoot the crew hang the monkey
It sucks out
here, without you around
Swim from wherever you are now


Cause no matter where i am
No matter what i do
always need you close
To help and get me through

See you for a second
For just
half a breath
Then i'd be content to live
Yeah content until my death

{verse 2}

A pilot in fast jet
Just my guns and headset
Need a drink need a girl real
Need to get this plane on land

Let me out this metal cast
Let the gun
barrels blast
Its sucks up here without you around
Fly from wherever you are


{verse 3}

Standin next to you
Guessin its my best
No pirates or pilots
No monkeys or headsets

Time counts round
But we
dont care
Cause time only matters
If you're not there
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