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Artist:Queens Of The Stone Age
Taken from the album Rated R by Queens Of The Stone Age
Album:Rated R
Track:Leg Of Lamb
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:You’re a head case with a smile
Can’t stop to make up your mind
Education is so lame
(so lame)
When you bitch and you moan
You’re a loose girl, I’m a guy
You’re a truth freak with a lie
The situation is so strange
It’s a tv
In a hotel on the phone
You’re gonna leave me, should have known
And I was
thinkin, it’s so sad
I didn’t want you to go
Don’t wanna follow the laws of
Bloody apron, leg of lamb
It’s so hard to win
When there’s so much to
Infiltrate the walls that are caving in
It ain’t a bad thing
ain’t reality
Infiltrate the walls that are caving in
It ain’t a bad
Because it is natural
Second Avenue, raising Cain
I’m a sinner, ring my bell
(hey man)
I’ll tell you what, I get up
If I knew I fell
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