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Artist:Queen Pen
Taken from the album My Melody by Queen Pen
Album:My Melody
Track:Queen of the Click
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Hahhh (c'mon) street team (yeah)
Relax make moves like what (like what like
Brooklyn Uptown (yeah)
Beak it down one time to y'all
(Queen of the
Lookie here look at me hah

Me and my boys we poised to do big
things this year
Make a lot of noise in dis here
We comes through with the multiple
of ends
Then flows through with the multiple of Benzes
Cartier lenses me and my
bout to take over with a vengeance
Watch your spot cause we hot to trot

See we plottin for the top spot and that's what we got
Now we hold it like convo',
rhyme Don flow (yeah)
Queen throw her nookie like Madonna nine-four, what?
ain't know? Untold damage, shit
I got the flow that you can't romantage
Make you
whole vanish like Copperfield
Drop, to the bottom then I rise, to the top of the field

Drop your shield, y'all gon' be OK
And I'll be much sleeker in the C.O.K., cause

Chorus: repeat 2X

I am (The Queen Pen of the Click
littlest G with the, hottest shit
Here's one thing y'all should never forget
she flows like no other chick)

Rock chicks I'm dyin from boredom, please
can't wait for y'all to fall like autumn leaves
So I can shine like six-four sittin on deez,
The less be y'all, the more for me
I put it down like bad kids, stop the
madness, shit
I roast y'all bitches with ad libs
The garbage shit stops, when the
hottest shit drops
And y'all can't front on how the shit knocks
Even haters, gotta
love the STA-TUS, or the STAT-US
Y'all wanna hit, get at us
Hey you, wanna debut
number one like we do?
You gots to roll with my crew
We got the cars with the rims
got the rings and the ice
Put it all together let it all gleam nice
Gotta pay a mean
price you go against my click
And here's one thing y'all should never forget, that


I run circles around you, verb'll straight serve you
Day to
night we keep it tight like a girdle
Nine to five y'all should make it your job to

keep Queen Pen close to your ears like a bob
We make this, world revolve with this music of
From S-950's to music guitars
You know the program, let no man, interrupt your
And if that's your man, you better let him know
I'm like, Damien Oman,
The way I be flowin is sick-sick-sick
Ice rope glowin, focus on the
wrist, it takes
more than that to get close to dis
Straight hits on me with my nigga
T.R. and
gimme I be in, straight shinin
It's all in the timin and how the shit
And here's one thing y'all should never forget, that


Yeah this is dedicated, to Crown Heights, Brooklyn
To all my street team, that
finally made it
You saw we made it, here I am, I'm out
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