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Album:The Wedge
Track:The Executioner Bernie Goetz A Gun
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Cold night, New York,
Air hangs like death,
Last train to Brooklyn
Pulls in out of
King of the blade Holds court in the aisle,
His young face beams danger--Menace
with a smile
But if he touches me,
I'll blow away his confidence--He'll wish he's let me

I'm Judge and Jury--Executioner
He'll pay the price,
But justice won't
come easily
I'm Judge and Jury--Executioner
I have the right to clear the garbage from the

Eyes meet in combat--He knows the score,
He wants me to take him But I want
much more!
I want to see him bleed,
I'll strike a blow for innocence--He'll wish he'd let
me be

I'm Judge and Jury--Executioner
(Who's fool enough to pay the
He'll pay the price,
I'm Judge and Jury--Executioner
(Since when is running
scared a vice?)
I have the right to clear this garbage from the street

If someone
touches me,
They'll suffer for their ignorance
They'll wish they'd let me be
Judge and Jury--Executioner
Who'll pay the price
(Who's fool enough to pay the
Who's fool enough to challenge me,
I'm Judge and Jury--Execuitioner
make it safe to walk at night?)
Take my advice, Stay well away from men like me.

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