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Album:The Sentinel
Track:Eyes In The Night Arrive Alive
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Packing up
Ready to leave
Heading out
It's been a good night
Now we're going

Heading out
Into the dark
Moving fast
Lights cut a path
the gathering gloom

Arrive alive...
We're heading for home
Before the dawn
Arrive Alive...
Eyes in the night
They're keeping me right
They're guiding
Arrive Alive...
We're heading for home
Before the dawn comes

Eyes in
the night
Keeping me right
Eyes in the night

Flying through
Towns cloaked
in fog
Looking in
People asleep
Now they're safe and warm
Behind closed
Lying back
Feeling the speed
Knowing that
We're on the move
Now we're
eating up the miles from home

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