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Artist:Pajama Slave Dancers
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Track:Bozos Gone Berserk
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Bozo's Gone Berserk" from "Heavy Petting Zoo"
by the Pajama Slave Dancers

Well you know you often see him
Often see him on the street
But he
doesn't smile no more
as he shuffles those big feet
He's guning for Ronald
And other clowns with work
He'll take out a few mimes
Cause Bozo's gone

Well Bozo's gone berserk

He's taken over a stallite
Jammin' your
TV stations
Telling kids how to make pipe bombs
Explaining procreation
Got skulls on
his ruffles shirt
Spiked his red hear
Telling kids it lots to fun
to drink and smole
and spit and swear

Well Bozo's gone berserk

Well Bozo emotions
are envy
and greed
But he don't care
Cause he's wacked out on week
in the kiddie show
Sly smile on his fae
Casuse him and Kaptain Kangeroo
are planning to

Well Bozo's gone berserk
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