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Artist:Pajama Slave Dancers
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:"36/24/26" by Pajama Slave Dancers once again
from "Heavy Petting Zoo" 1989

She came to my house
just the other day.
My mom didn't like her.
Well that's
Read about here in a magazine.
Said she's the girl
Of my wettest dreams

She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36

She loves to party - Oh what
a doll
What she doesn't know I show her how
Well we never argue and we never fight

Since I get her she's spent every night

she's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36

And her name, her name is Lulu
to start her up I blew a
nd I know our
love is ture
as our love it grew and grew

My Mom found her hidden under my bed

jabbed her with a pin and now she's dead
That girl was great, that girl was fantastic

Imagine how she's be if she wasn't made of plastic
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