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Artist:Painful Memories
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The Bruts who have taken from their own lifes the enjoyment
Are disposing of other lives now!
Yes, they do it. It's a pity
They are merciless killers comiting deadly sins
They give
terrible death to their own children
Doom to Torment and Sorrow theirs and themselves
It's a weeping, here is a graveyard!
The children who haven't been born die in
This is a predestination
But Grief will come to the killers!
The babies were so
clean, so clear and sinless
They were taken to Heaven, to God
Now they are praying for us,
praying for us:
Forgive them, Lord Jesus Christ!
Your own grim parents killed You
Why is
Maybe, You hindered to live them
Is that so?
Did You hinder them? No, You
Just quietly sleep at Home, at Paradise...
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