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Artist:Painful Memories
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Track:Memorial to Suffering
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:My Home is the Tomb
In the captivity of the Holy Land
I don't see a Light for ages
the cramped caske
t I don't see the Sun and the sky
There is Realm of Death
Only demons
talk with me here!
Way back don't be here, but in my cramped box
I was seized with the
I miss Light!
There is Realm of Death
I've wandered in other worlds
But my
mind where slumbering
You have been filled with Lie!
Lie of mystical revelations!
not saying good bye!
The Moon arises in the East! Why not!
Bearers of another life! Get out
of my Cemetery.
The Eternal Incantation took me a prisoner.
I lie under the
Now I must give evil to the Earth!
Everything is unreal where I was to my death
It's night now. It's my time.
There is moon shines. I'm waking up!
What do you seek
strolling about the dark streets of my graveyard
What do You want flamingly to know
There is
nothing except Emptiness!
Under the weight of the stones my bones rot for a million
Under the weight of ages I languish, It's my fate!
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