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Artist:Paige Jennifer
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Album:Jennifer Paige
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Girl meets boy, girl goes crazy
Boy backs away, she gets her heart broken
No words are
Boy comes back and acts
As if everything is cool
Soon she's got him back on a
She only sees what she wants to see
Love is blind, love is so misleading

I see the light, oh what a light
And I am sober
All that you served
to me
No longer will I drink it in
I took the time to think it over
I see the you I
never knew
Now it's finally sinking in
I am sober

Girls wakes up and smells the
coffee one day
Realizes she's on her own again
All alone again
Boy takes every
To play on every insecurity
Get her back on track
She's in a daze, back
in the fire
But will she cave into her old desires

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