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Artist:Paige Jennifer
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Album:Jennifer Paige
Track:Let It Rain
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's in your eyes, you wanna cry
But you're afraid to let go
Sometime the past comes
rushing back
Emotions overflow
You don't have to worry, you know I'll understand
wanna help you through it, anyway I can
I'm gonna be here for you, take me by my hand

Break through these skies of gray, don't hold back

Let it rain
your teardrops wash away the pain
By your side I promise to remain
My love will pour like
sunshine through the rain
Let it rain

With every touch, I'll earn your trust

You'll see my love is for real
So let me in, I'll show you how to love again
Don't have to
hide how you feel
I'll be here to hold you, hold you when you cry
With my tenderness, I'll
push the clouds aside
We'll make tonight the night, you leave it all behind
Break through
these skies of gray, don't look back


You'll see a brighter day

Let my love lead the way
To a rainbow in the sky
Tears of joy will fill your eyes - let it

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