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Artist:Paige Jennifer
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Album:Jennifer Paige
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Chewing on my raisinettes
Think' bout what I want next
Thinking maybe I'm addicted

Checking out my pay per view
All I do is think of you
What's wrong baby, with this
Cause love is just too much work
Never shoulda lingered over dessert

You're the fever of my night
The dream I just can't fight
Everytime I try
- busted
You're the shiver up my spine
Can't keep my cool in line
You catch my eye -

Love reigns supreme
But never over me
That's how I've always
What's that thing we had
Up in your bachelor pad
Left me so intoxicated

Love is just too much pain
Never shoulda gave you my number and name


Don't want somebody to love me
Just want somebody to like me
Don't want somebody too
Just want somebody beside me
Don't want somebody too much, nothing complicated

Don't want somebody too much, too much, too much
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