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Artist:Pacifier / Shihad
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Track:For What You Burn
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:What are you still doing here?
Your stability offers no comfort to me. It don't fill me
Process what's going through my head
What I've done and what I've said. It won't help me
Ever thought that by expanding your own mind
Instead of putting me through your own
You might start learning
Why so many of us feel we don't belong,
So unreal in
what you built here,
'cause what you built here
'cause what you built

Don't fill me up
Don't help me out
I can't feel my feet on the

Feel the edge of a new sensation
Life with you it's so complicated
Won't you
let me find my own way
'cause what we've got happening here
Ain't nothing bad, ain't nothing
you should fear
It's a celebration
'cause I learn from what you learn
But I burn for
what you burn
And I think it's time we let the past lie 'cause the future is what I
Pass this world on before the sun goes down
There's untapped beauty to be
This time is my time

And that fills me up
And now I found
I can feel my
feet on the ground

So lift your head up to the golden future
Strong weaken as time
deserts the past
And in truth we give so that our souls can live
Come on, get off the beaten
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