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Artist:Pacifier / Shihad
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Track:Gimme Gimme
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:All you people, in denial
I'd learn to run but it's not that simple
Friendly service - with
a smile
But there's still no one to hand me a line
Said flowers for you people
It's like
ashes to the blind

All you faces in a race
You've got your number - you've got your
Keep pushing through thick and thin
Collect what you can before winter sets in
can keep your ashes
What's keeping you blind?
Nothing at all

All you sees not what
you wanted
All you sees not what you wanted at all
And we're heading for a time
what we've got are the things we find
And we're heading for a time
Believe that we're
getting robbed

I'd learn to run
I'd learn to run but it's not that simple
I learned
to run
State of things is so sad, sad, sad, sad, sad

We've got the latest in in
We sway the peoples voice
Have you got the right kitchenware?
Have you made the
right choice?
We make sure we sell it like you need it
If you don't get it we just repeat
One more useless product
Until the next one comes
You bought one of those
you try one of these
Cant you see we're just here to please you
We're here to keep you
'cause if the people ain't wanting
The system just ain't sound
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