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Album:The Pacewon Effect
Track:Like This
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Uh Huh

I must have played that tape over a thousand times

Verse One:

I be like melody
rob First Fiedelity
back top cat
can't make contact
with me cuz i'm lost
brush niggaz off

I'm like toothpaste
rap flourides you couldn't move with a suitcase
lock it
up cock and bust seventeen
I'm raw like the coke my boys be sellin' fiends
need to
make cream be financial make papers
if niggaz front take it by force like a rapist

niggaz look it
I'm hot like the peppers that Puerto Ricans cook with
trick up the
y'all theives that never took shit
real bad actors
try to operate and
get sued for malpractice
don't make me gang trip
talk all nice
I walk on
ice, can't slip
Pace got the vision of a chosen few
hopin' you only speak when you
spoken to

<'Pacewon' scratched in>
I can't lose even if the
fight fixed
take my time laid back
if you rush you might miss
my voice
transmit through your sattilite dish
and it go a little something like this...

<'Pacewon', again>

Verse Two:
Around the way, like L.L.
guns hot as
hot tameles
crooked and unhonest
swing wood like Jimmy Conners
I'm Pace Won
the drug theif
rugged like rugby
high off the cannabis
props to my company

presidential canidantes
gone sour, not sober
sellin' cold cut with baking
static but i cling not
weed addict
i'm a nigga with a sling shot

king props
read my rap sheet
Pace to Won is nasty
drive by

two guns out the window
bustin' from the back seat
hit the deck and get ghost

coast to coast, world wide
Pace comin with toast
High hopes
comin' dope
and it go a little something like this...

Chorus x2
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