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Artist:P J Loughran
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We roll through rhythmic roadside beams
Past franchise fare, that wasnt there
The last time
we rolled by on our retreat

My sullen high school chum, it seems
Is running to the
same stand still
Since lost loves wicked will forced his defeat

Now all I seem to
Are the promises of sunny, perfect lives
By the way side
And as for me
I keep
my eye on idle dreams
I sip my sweet suburban grenadineVERSE 2

Past Jericho and
Courthouse Rd
The skylines new; my memorys askew
The status quo has closed the carnival
where we used to play

And due to weakened turn-out fear
My first ten-year reunion
is repealed
The fat and unfulfilled breath a sigh of sweet relief

Now all I seem
to see
Are the promises of sunny, perfect lives
By the way side
And as for me
I keep
these pipe dreams clean
I sip my sweet suburban grenadineBRIDGE

Now I tour these
With righteous pride

And I shrug the cynics creed
By which my ways
have come to coincide

Well this is my home,
This is where my true romance and
childhood lie

So I hold my breath tight,
And I kiss that big Long Island

The late November weekend runs
That same old scene, I catch the 5:19
say the same good-byes, and play our parting pleasantries

And as my railcar rides the
My world blurs by these grateful eyes

I keep my home behind
And just two
steps in front of me.
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