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Track:In Mist She Stands Waiting
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The memories that now rests in this forest
Forever shadowing the sunrise of my heart
leave their nests at my coming
Swaying away unto the cold glowing sky

Dreaming away for
a while
My spirit sighs in peace
Gazing unto the stars
Please, take me there

am so alone, so cold
My hart is to scarred to glow
I wish the sunrise to come
Take my
soul (away)
From this cold, lonly shell
I am free

From the eternal sea I
Veiled in darkness on either shore
Lost my pride, lost its glow
For me the sun rose
no more

The forest of October
Sleeps silent when I depart
The web of time
my last trace

My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in
My mind is one with my soul
I fall alone
While leaves fall from the weeping trees
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