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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:White summer.
So far I have gone to see you again.
Hiding your face in the palm of your
Finding solace in the words I do despise.
You snatch at every sound.
And even
though you believe that I am shackled within death,
memories are tainted with
Crestfallen still.
Those eyes... empty like a barren well.
It was the only
task I would undertake.
To reap the harvest that was mine.
The seed that had sprung into a
florid meadow,
and left me helpless in your embrace.
The bond we never spoke of, once stark
and enticing,
now slowly smoldering to dust.
The celestial touch, from grey to black.
fathomless void enclosing.
Unwritten secrets beneath the cobwebs.
I can not endure. And so I
rose from my sleep.
The moon turned away its face.
Overture of the long, black night
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