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Track:Masters Apprentices
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:There is a voice calling for me
There is a light coming down on me
There is a doubt that
is clearing
There is a day that is dawning
There is a wound that is healing
There is
a season waiting for me
There is a road that is turning
There is a fire still burning

A sickness in me
Constant pace towards the end
The need is stronger
This time
the need is deeper
There is a peace I am searching
There is a freedom I'm depending on

There is a pain that's never ending
There is a rain falling only on me
There is a
dream I am living
There is a life I am dreaming of
There is a death I'm awaiting

There is a home I am deserting
i hold my breath and wait
only moments remain

movement for departed hope
effect for absent friend
sever the faith from my body

leave me begging for more
take what i have and deliver me
into everlasting sleep

soothing trance
colours fade
and disappear
ethereal light
showing me what i
can do without
in a motionless scense
there is only me
i take what i can

controlling you to get ahead
fading away
and leaving
long for sleep
lead the way into death
every wretched dream
i have left behind
every waking
i lie in wait
sucked inside by will
gone into the flood
all my questions
as i was put to the test
once i'm below there's no turning back
into the deepest void
departed shell left drained behind
pacing roads unknown

searching for a new home
desert in my eye
barren lands inside
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