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Track:By The Pain I See In Others
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Let me taste
Let me feel
I need to know what you keep inside
No need to speak

Just let it be
Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere
Rise to submission

I'm still beneath in the soil
Discard your clothes
Let loose you hair
intertwined forever and have always been
Say the word
And I'll depart
Upon your lips
dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause
And so comes the dark
Vibrant as ever before

Flowers already withered
In this endless winter of souls
Outside in the park
days move along
And nothing ever changes
They have nothing on us
And we've always
That nothing ever changes
Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil

This is ours alone
Feeding of the warmth
Lured out from inside
Depending on the
life blood
Move in me and set me free

"Htaed otni yaw
eht dael
Won resolc
Peels rof gnol
Gnivael dna
Yawa gnidaf

Tuohtiw Od
Nac I Tahw
Em Gniwohs
Thgil Laerehte
Raeppasid Dna
Edaf Sruoloc
Ecnart Gnihtoos"
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