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Album:Blackwater Park
Track:The Leper Affinity
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We entered Winter once again
Naked, freezing from my breath
Neath the lid all limbs
tucked away
This coffin is your abode from now
and onwards
Your body is mine to
Such a tragic sight you are
Slave under my creed
Spurring me with those
I am beyond death
Midst a dreaming affinity
Saving strength now, faint
Come erotic communion in its splendour
Fever mirrored ghosts
Night time
consolation, cross the line
Draw murder into art
Sleep inside through days
In the
wake of this relief
Shivering, longing for more
Insanity at it's peak
Love me to
my death
Lost are days of Spring
You sighted and let me in
Keep the beast inside

Shackled within my hide
Screaming out too late
Losing to my hate
together with your skin
And paced the trails of sin
Your gaze covered with virgin snow

Rigid features
It's the shallow deeds who is to blame
Deafening shrieks pierced
the night
A step from oblivion
Moving into the dim lights
Hiding within a reverie

It was worth it for the wait alone
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