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Album:Blackwater Park
Track:The Drapery Falls
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Please remedy my confusion
And thrust me back to the day
The silence of your seclusion

Brings night into all you say
Pull me down again
And guide me into pain
counting nocturnal hours
Drowned visions in haunted sleep
Faint flickering of your
Leaks out to show what you keep
Pull me down again
And guide me into

There is failure inside
This test I can't persist
Kept back by the enigma
criterias demanded here
Deadly patterns made my wreath
Prosperous in your ways

Pale ghost in the corner
Pouring a caress on your shoulder
Puzzled by shrewd
Runs a thick tide beneath
Ushered into inner graves
Nails bleeding from
the struggle
It is the end for the weak at heart
Always the same
A lullaby for the
ones who've lost all
Reeling inside
My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects

Stare of primal regrets
You turn your back and you walk away
Never again

Spiralling to the ground below
Like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade

Waking up to your sound again
And lapse into the ways of misery
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