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Album:Still Life
Track:Serenity Painted Death
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Returned from a hibernal dream
Voices fell like marble
No longer by my side
Gone, all
that would linger

Ripped from my embrace
Melinda reflected in shafts
Red line
round her neck
Met the earth in silence

White face, haggard grin
This serenity
painted death
With a halo of bitter disease
Black paragon in lingering

Saw her fading, blank stare into me
Clenched fist from the beautiful

Darkness reared its head
Tearing within the reeling haze
Took control,
claiming my flesh
Piercing rage, perfect tantrum
Each and every one would die at my
Choking in warm ponds of blood
At last, weak and torn I went down
Drained from
strength, flickering breath

Came with the moon
The wayward in conscious
Flanked and barred in destiny's end
Underneath with hope in laches
Swathed in
filth, any would betoken
Starlit shadows on the wall
Finally there to collect me
the bowels of sin
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