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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Welcome to my little world...completely self-contained, yeah
Your problems they will soon be
gone (we soak up lots of pain), yeah

If life is a reflecting pool--then we are like a
sponge, yeah
Absorbing the good with the bad--we soak up...soak it up

So give me all
your troubled thoughts
And baggage you can't handle, no
We'll gladly take it off your back
(we soak up lots of pain), yeah

Is it any wonder now-everybody goes insane

Everybody locks the door to keep out any strangers
Everybody's all pent up--everybody's
got short fuse
Getting ready to blow up, we live in so much danger

Boys and girls in
a line -- Come and get your big reward
Your're not too late Just in time
Put your hand on
mine you're mine you're mine

When everybody has gone to bed--and children are asleep, yeah

I sit up late and watch t.v. (and soak up lots of pain), yeah

Little junior on the
bus--his notebook by his side, yeah
He hardly ever makes a fuss--he soaks up so much pain

We've traveled far this monkey and me--by airplane boat and train, yeah
We're here to
eat up all your sins (and soak up all your pain), yeah


Boys and girls
of every creed--religion and persuasion, nooo
It's time to get up off your knees...we soak
up...soak it up
So open the door and let me in--don't question who I am, no
Just shake my
hand and give me your name (we soak up...soak it up...)
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