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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Track:Same Man I Was Before
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm not the same man I was before
I haven't changed my perception
I haven't lost my
I haven't lost, haven't lost, haven't lost
What I have, lost intentions

Two by two coming through the door
(Singing like a bird)
Boys and girls voices
joined in song
(Voices in the air)
Fire crackers making so much noise
(Flying in the
They all start yelling at me
. . . . . Everything you do is wrong

I'm not
the same boy I was before
But I've not changed my desires
I've not extinguished the fires

I haven't lost wide eyed wonder
I haven't lost, haven't lost, haven't lost
The stupid
fear of thunder

Two by two walking hand in hand
(Walkin' in the air)
The bone
come marching from the promised land
(Comes from everywhere)
Their voices carry like the
sound of glass
(Breaking on the ground)
It burns my ears when they sing
. . . . .
Everything you do is wrong

I'm not the same ghost I was before
But I still converse
with the spirits
When people talk I don't hear it
I walk through doors when no one sees me

I disappear, I disappear, disappear
Whenever it may please me
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