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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Track:Home Again
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Where is she going - ooh, she looks like she's lost
Won't someone help her - somebody give her
a hand
she's got such sweet eyes - look like they've seen too much
Knew someone like here
- nobody helped, but she's
Home again...Home again...Home again

Where are you going -
to see a crazy old man
What will he tell you - he'll tell me where I'm going
What will you
do then - I might just quit my job
What will you do then - I'm gonna find my way
again...Home again...Home again

(Where're we going, where're we going, Home
We're home again, we're home)

Where is he going - why does he walk that way

Sticking his chest out - what is he trying to say
He's got charisma - but when he's all
He curls up in a ball - and wishes that he was
Home Again...Home Again...Home Again

Where are we going - why do we feel so small
Alone and helpless - in this big crazy
Looking for something - that's so hard to describe
But just like children - going
along for the
Ride again...Ride again...Ride again


Well, ain't
that something - guess I lost my head
Must have took a wrong turn - when I got out'a bed

ended up on the wrong street - wrong side of town
People here are the wrong type - they've
got me down

I'm eating the wrong food - drinkin' the wrong wine
Can't hardly see
straight - can't walk the line
Shakin' all the wrong hands - makin' the wrong talk

Steppin' on the wrong feet - every time I walk

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