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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Track:Dead or Alive
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:There in the shadows, looks like a hand
Without its owner, to give it a command
It's got a
purpose but I don't know what it is
I'm in trouble

There in the streets, looks like a
But something wrong that I don't understand
His eyes are open but he don't see a thing

His skin is peeling off, his bones are sticking out
I'm getting scared

Oh my god
(Is it dead?)
Is it living? (Is it dead?)
Is it dead or alive?
(Is it dead?), Is it
dead? (Is it dead?)
Is it dead? (Is it dead?)
Is it dead or alive?

Hiding in the
cupboards, like little mice
Hiding in the frigerator, that isn't nice
It's not an animal,
it don't have legs
No one else can see it

It moves so fast, corner of my eye

Look again it's gone, it's hiding
Won't somebody help me, doesn't anybody care?
waits so patiently, for me to lose my guard
I'm getting scared

Is it dead, is it

(Is it dead)
Is it dead
(Is it dead)
Is it dead or alive
(Is it dead)

Is it dead
(Is it dead)
Is it dead, is it

I remember there was a time

When dead and buried meant just that
Underneath the cold dark ground
Things stay put!

Oh them bones they make them bodies walk
Them bones, them bones
If they could
only talk!

Is it dead (Fade)
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