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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now everybody tells me you're the dog's best friend
I'm the cat's meow since i don't know
I'm an instigator from a dead man's town
So when did the whole world turn upside
When did you change your mind, when did you lose the juice
Now where did you get your
When did you give it away, what did the old man say
And how many babies did you
kick today
Now how many nights can the full moon shine
How many bottles of water can you
turn to wine
When the blood has flowed against the tides of time
And the water flows
Hey hey hey!
Now i'm gonna build a boat, i'm gonna make it float
'cause i'm
getting the chase for a faraway place
Gonna set the sail, gonna catch some wind
And the big
red sky's gonna be my only friend
With a boat for two, just me and you
You can be my
teacher, i can teach you too
Gonna try a few things that i've never done
Maybe talk to the
fishies, maybe have some fun
Maybe shake my pale fist at the angry stars
While i dance a jig
under the eyes of mars
When we get to an island where no one's ever been
We can get down and
dirty in our animal skins
And i stand with my thing hanging out in the wind
Where the
water's sweet like honey
Hey hey yeah hey hey yeah!
I've been feeling a chill, from the east
wind blue
It's been creeping up slow, have you felt it too?
Have you noticed the look? have
you felt the feel?
Did it make you blush when the piggy squealed

Have you
heard what they say, did you read the news
Said the old man's coming home a-singing the
Gonna whack your fanny, gonna tan your hide
Make your ears turn red, make you gonna
Now how many children gonna lose their minds
How many
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