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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Track:Lost Like This
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm standing all alone out in the pouring rain
And though it really isn't like me to complain

I think I'm getting used to it. I feel happy, and I also feel bad
I've never been here,
but somehow I think I have
But I'm getting used to it.


I've never
been lost like this
I've never been lost like this
But I wouldn't be happy anywhere else

Nobody to tell us what to do - all by ourselves.

Don't know how I got here and I
don't know why I stay
The poets all around are laughing in their graves
Must be something
that I said.
This place is not like anything I've seen before
The spirits move around, the
houses have no doors
But I'm getting used to it

Isn't this a fine hello
I wish I hadn't seen you go
It's always a bitter pill The broken mirror's broken still
letters never made the post, A thousand more I never wrote
And here on dark unfriendly streets,
I find the comfort that I seek
And I'm happy, and I've been happy...
(Chorus out...)
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