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Artist:Oingo Boingo
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Track:Burn Me Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[verse 1]
I would like to be a martyr
Over time it's getting harder
Who do i have to go
and kill
To get my face on a dollar bill.

[chorus 1]
Every single time i
Someone else has beat me to it
Some poor bastard bites the dust
I really don't know
who to trust.
But there's one thing i can't deny
I'd rather it was me they fried
Have a
drink from an empty cup
Light a match and burn me up.

[verse 2]
I'm exhausted, i'm

I'm outsmarted, i'm out witted.
My head's filled with dynamite
coming out of my ears at night.

[chorus 2]
I think i am being watched
Electric eyes
that never turn off.
Radar beams insinuating
Evil thoughts while i'm masturbating.
even my old trinitron,
It's comin through when nothing's on.
Have a drink from an empty
Light a match and burn me up.

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