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Artist:OG Ron C
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Track:In Money We Trust
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Bun B]
Now if you got it on yo mind
I can get it off your chest
Take it out yo mouth
and I'm gon' take care of the rest
No stress, just do-do, when I'm jumpin' out the
Smoke 'll hit you like judo when you walk up to the yuko
When I let the top down,
sippin lean still ballin'
TV's in the visors so the screens still fallin'
Niggaz grab
hustlin' I ain't finna break my neck
I make some paper off this flow, but I got rich off
Ask anybody who know me about my seeds
Westside 9th street, I came up amongst the
Crack game in 88, it took over shit I was there
I stood on southern through texas and
got my share
And my nina on my waist, dope up in my jaw
One eye for them fiends, one eye for
that law
Niggaz crooks as niggaz soft, so my rep is hard as steel
Big Bun muthafucka,
representin' for the trill

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
If you haters you gon' like
If you like us you gon' hate us
But, one thing you can say is we some serious paper
Cuz, friends turn to haters
And, some turn to traders
But my money never change
us (mhum)
So in Money We Trust

Wipe the mirror cuz
there's a compare of eyes in a colored face
Can they see why he love to chase
green fetti in
a gutta place
He grew up so he love the taste
For diniro's he love disgrace
Denies that
he's tellin' a lie lookin' right in his mother's face
Can't reside, in his brother's
But out ridin' on dub's he take
What's hidin' above his waist, and go ride out some
other fake
He's claimin' that he's real, but when he's not on that camera
He rather gets
something fully colds, like he's c
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