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Artist:Of The Wand And The Moon
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Track:Silver Rain
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Blackened days and silver nights
Golden lanterns flaming lights
The blur of things and fight
of dreams
The pain and tears and lack of faith
A thousand stars a thousand stars
and runes and secrecy
I came as the lamb and return as the lion
Tonight it burns and burn it

Walk in awe the path
Of the wand and the moon
A rain may come
And tears
may fall

Night draws near in fullest glow
The warm night wind too, to caress your
Demon comes as angel and angel comes as demon
With wings of gold and wand in
Build your temple with cunning and with a demon strength
Silver rain silver rain
consecrate my heart
Tonight I'll hail upon hail the daughter of night
Send thy winds, tears
and rain in all thy might

Walk in awe the path
Of the wand and the moon
Pain my
And tears may fall
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