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Taken from the album Neopolitan by Odds
Track:Truth Or Dare
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Craig Northey)

Accept it, live with it, move on it right now
The world is sailing
you must turn and face the bow
The sting of loss is stinging, voice drowned by the

La verite, le courage
La verite, le courage

Sitting on a fencepost
for the last three years
Safe but sore, sound but scored, plugging up my ears
Which door
holds back the tiger?
Which string will let go the flood?
Standing still, won't move a
muscle and the heat is turning up

Truth or dare
Truth or

The stick is in the spokes, so the machine is sure to break
Who's to be sure
the fall won't cure the fear of something great?
Something great

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