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Artist:October 31
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Track:Behind The Castle Walls
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The time was known medieval
When kings and queens did rule the land
But there were two with
insane minds
And wickedness at hand
For deep within their castle
They sat and laughed
while people died
They never cared for anyone
But others of their kind

For life we
plead, real blood
We bleed from the pain
Rising up we knew we must
Now stop these evil
To break these chains and
Make our claim for revolution

She was the queen of
endless love
And deemed the rich and classy whore
She romanced many in her bed
the sounds of war
The king, the greedy tyrant spent
All of his time watching poor men
And no one dared get in his way
Or it would mean their lives

It is from our
voice that we now demand
Our freedom from your pain
And we will fight and kill to bring
Back to our people once again!
There's no longer independence
And without it we
have no lives
So together now we will stand
And march and fight until you die

Let us stand and kill! Kill!
Behind the castle walls

Our pride was in our
Which death would now reward
As a certain magic filled the hearts
Of our
storming battle horde
For we felt as if in heaven
As our tattered armor shined
Yes, the
poor were rising from their woes
To save our broken lives

Kill! Let us stand and kill!
Now we will attack!

Yes, the time had come for vengeance
For angered were us
We had longed to storm the castle walls
And finally end their reign, end their

We rode the path unto the bridge
That brought us to the gates
For our
quest for peace had now begun
And death would lead the way, lea
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