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Artist:Oceans Of Sadness
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Track:Sinners Dream
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I am the twisted fear that haunts inside you every night
I am the scar that you inflicted behind
your eyes
Haunting -Eating- all positivity
Creating -Anger- and pain

We all become
For all sorrow that we see
after we close our eyes -praying-
To live on after
we die -hoping-

I am the torture you bare now each day
I pull my string on your
emotions away
From you -to me- in a fetish way
And Feed you -please you- each

Feeling holy, trying to see...
I'll burn all your walls down!
I throw away your
precious crown!
Feeling holy, trying to see...

Fragile angel fly with me
To the
world who we give damnation
To the world and its dreadful sea!
Fragile angel fly with
Wake up from this fucking nightmare
Wake up from this sinner's dream!

I am a
fucking lie am a fucking lie...
I shall never rule...
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