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Artist:Ocean Colour Scene
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Track:We Made It More
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:By the way you went
You take it all
And make another sender

By the way it often
takes you by surprise
You know the mender
And oh you play it strange

We all got a little bit of something
We all got more than we bargained for
Got a
need for something
But you and I we made it more

Ain't gonna make another play
I know, I'm waiting on a sender
Ain't gonna take my weight until you wait
I know,
I need another mender
But it's to you I'm making a surrender

And you make another

Tell you wanna weigh another breakdown
Kicking up and had enough
That all it just
seems so relentless
And oh you play it strange

Repeat pre-Chorus
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