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Artist:Ocean Colour Scene
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Album:One From The Modern
Track:Jane She Got Excavated
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Jane she got excavated
By a trader dealing in old lines
Then she got a paper
From a
mailer telling her more lies

Chorus (sing first half on first chorus):
So here we
Down an endless road where we know
Nothing good here will ever grow
We're wasting
our own time
And better know
Everyday life will carry on
Everyday when you're not so
You're wasting your own time

Says she knows more than she lets on
how she gets on when she is outside
When the wind comes on harder
She needs a shelter of
their warm lies

Repeat chorus

She was taken last Sunday
To a safe place
dealing in this line
Then she got her papers
From a faceless who won't tell her one more
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