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Artist:Ocean Colour Scene
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Album:Marchin Already
Track:Half A Dream Away
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We're just half a dream away
Sitting on our fences
Building up defences
up rules by which you play

We're just half way down the road
Staking our
But stupid supersitions
Only give fools too heavy a load

magpie screeched and the windows shattered
Her body's bruised but her soul's not battered

The fireman tried but the hose was broken
The cupboards bare but the door needs

We spend half our time away
From being where we want to
seeing who it's fun to
Not blaming ourselves for our mistakes

We spend half a
dream away
Looking out of windows
Waiting for a signal
Waiting for night to
close the day

The tree was bare but the birds were singing
The milk turned
sour and my thirst needs quenching
The meat was dead and I need me feeding
The room
was cold but the night was freezing

The rainbow frowned when the sun was laughing

A baby's snatched on a beatiful morning
A dog runs wild and the brakes are screaming

A church on fire is struck by lightining
The dead man's hands had beautiful fingers

The princess frowned at her lovers mistress
She went insane and poisoned the children

A teacher's drowned and a child is laughing
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