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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Yo flaws and fallacies of life
Material items and shit

Beware motherfuckers
Word up don't let it getcha you know?
This shit ain't nothing

One time check him out

Yo you live the life of a hustle
sympathetic to a user
Making cats fast taking trips to Bermuda
Elegant women all
lovely and feminine
Houses with arces and big pools for swimming in
transactions swiping all the action
Driving a Benz and Lex, you be like maxing

Jewels be on truck shit
Rims with fat clusters
Diamonds on your teeth, shining
shimmers and lusterous
And God's hanging sideways, holding your head high
through a block, so you past a dreads
Now the dreads are looking hard at your face Mr. Fly
Unaware tonight their gonna do a fucking drive by
Go home watch a sci-fi flick,
with a chick, till
10pm, now it's time for you to dip
Go round up a few men hold a
Info inside, hand picked these nigga's you confided in the shippment
pick up quick, click off Clyde's
Seven numbers for you if their gonna demise
scheme of betrayal
Guess in your valley you was higher then self
Work, short from
another fly guy
By george i think he's got it
Chicks gooms and lump sums

Trickering 5-0 wild to be like dumb dums
One of the few never having a heart
was smart some ass with it
Came to cash don't give a shit
Attitude more money, and
more money
Dog days bright, and more sunny
4 in the morning drinking Seneca apple
juice in the rent a car
Neighborhood star, got riddled and scarred
A lose cannon or
Over famish foe, became shaddow or did death and did (damage)
Now I knew
this kid true to life
Word life, he preached righteousness and shit
And turned to be
a "Hypocrite
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