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Artist:Obtained Enslavement
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Track:The Goddess Lake
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Through Centuries of sorrows I have wandered.
With the Moonchildren have I searched.
In the
black and sour soil I have dug deeper.
Possessed by a quest, to find truth in forgotten
To find the sea of power.
This well where the Wolfeheart drinks.
My thirst has
been a nail in my skull.
But behold!!
This is my victory over the mortals.
I will dive
in the the Goddess' lake.
For an everlasting beautiful moment I am in ecstacy
Wrapped in
darkness, I am one with the night.
Deep in the frosty fog I hear voices.
They are calling my
name - greeting me.
"Come with us - be ours."
"Join this perverted dance of the
"Listen to out symphony - a rhapsody in black."
Their choir enchants me as I am
being lifted.
High on the bloodstained wings - they guide me.
The earth and sky is no longer
any limit.
Through dark ages.
I see witches burn and warriors with blood on their
Plague and ashes.
I see kingdoms rise - built on flesh- so weak.
It is beyond
this that my quest ends.
I have entered my long lost throne.
It is neither black, no white -
pure power.
The key has been found, and I now can return......
Or stay forever.....
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