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Artist:Obtained Enslavement
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Track:Carnal Lust
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I yearn for the departure of the holy trinity
Hooded I stand triumphing above the rest
frosty mist lies thick over the holy ground
As the mooneclipse creates a sombre
Vengeance is mine, The convent will be overthroned
The feeble and the weak shall
fall, Paralysed be thy lord
Blasphemy and witchery, I will destroy the creation
In the name
of the horned one
Revocation of god's creation
Let the carnal lust begin
The covenant is
I scorn your god and spit upon his throne
At the heart of the forests
The fire
burns for you
Welcome to the coven
Mighty warlock
In the name of witchcraft
Come to
Take the form of fire
Take the form of fog
Paramounted you stand
High above any
Forever spellbound
Ancient spirits sing
As fullmoon lights the sky
"The oath of
...Will never die"
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