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Artist:Obsidian Gate
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Track:The Obsidian Eternity And Anguish
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:"Listen to my lifeless choirs,
listen to my voice beyond...
Behold the scythe in my bleach
and know this: It is time to leave..."

In an imperium beyond ethereal
where no life dwells and all light dies,
I touch the darkness of cold demise
become enshrouded with the night to rise...

I listen to the call of my own
floating and writhing in the infernal void,
yet unborn, yet not even a
already hiding the mask of a hallow grave.

There is no body,
no flesh.
No shell to comprehend,
no shell to live again,
just a glimpse of a thought in
your eyes.
There can be no compassion
when the black void you see is me.
There can be
nothing holy
when I am the hatred in your eyes.

Name me equal to birth and death,
spirit haunting the black night,
a spirit that is a myth in itself
and all demons that were
and will be...

I am an enigma in every question,
all what flesh knows is useless to
being a question you will never answer:
What lies in the fires of hell?

funereal vortex we unite
under a starlit obsidian sky.
Lay to me thy woeful blood
all pain as sacrifice...

The force of my being is impervious
to any weapon crafted by
human hands,
I am everywhere and the night is my mother,
and I am the true face of

I am anguish - Portal of all hate!
I am eternity - Wisdom through
the flames!
I am anguish - Released in thy veins!
I am Satan - The darkness in thy

I am a relic, created in a moment,
when stars collided with stars.
A million
deaths' manifestation,
an aural shape that the night attracts.

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